Official 24K_ Sign-Up Thread!

Welcome to the 24K_ sign-up thread! This is where you may ask to join 24K_ (24-Thousand) clan!

Requirements are simple:
1: Play mad-skills.
2: Play Jam often whether it’s in MSBMX2 or MSMX2.
3: Ace the first 3 levels in MSMX2 (if you play it).
4: Or be in top 5% or less on the pump tutorial (MSBMX2)
5: Have fun with the game!

You may ask me (Cxlid) if you can join, and I (just me or my mods) will get your name changed for you.

You can hang around and chat all you like!

Thanks for reading, and have a nice day riders!

Hope every one is having a great mother’s day!

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Just got back into the game I would like to join. Pretty fast set a world record on bike 2 or 3 can’t remember if you message me your snap I can show you my set up. I play jams every day and I play msbmx

@HDR_Tapt ok yama, add me on msbmx2 I will too your exepted

my user is TM_Cxlid tell me your user

My user is rykermxs I will add you

I added you on bmx and mx

Ok I will get you added in an hour or two, im at school

Oh haha okay

would you like to keep your normal name but just with the tag at the start? It would be like ‘24K_Rykermxs’ would you like that?

I I would rather have 24k_Yama

got it

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Current 24K_ Team Members (usernames in parentheses)

Cxlid (TM_Cxlid)
24K_Yama (Rykermxs, soon to be 24K_Yama)
Pixxacatt (pixxacatt_24K)
lilorbyt (24K_Xgold288, Soon to be 24K_Xgold98)
ItsSomeOne (24K_SomeOne)
KakashiFan (24K_Kakashi)
Dixiepmp (24K_Dixiepmp)
Motomax (Motomax81, soon to be 24K_Motomax)
SawyerGamer (SNG_SawyerGamer, requested to stay with SNG tag)

And Many More To Come!

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Are we going to get the custom number plates for are profile pic?


alr got mine ill make yours tonight

Okay thanks

one question, whats your number?


ok ill get it done for you!