October update!

I just want to say Thank You for the awesome update this month!

w00t! New tracks monthly and Skull caps too!


Is there any way to revert back to the old backgrounds in jam, kinda regret updating it

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How could a Count not like that spooky shatz0r? o0

Vone, Tue, Thrrreee ah ah aaah!

Sorry, Sesame Street flashback. :stuck_out_tongue:


NO! And it’ll be like that FOREVER!
I think they’ll turn back the dial when halloween is over.


is this an android update only? couple of days ago it promoted me with an in-game update dialogue box (not from the app store) but nothing changed so i assumed it’s some performance tweaks.

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No it isnt

strange, cause i still have the old jam background, no halloween and stuff :frowning:

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Well, the update has been released but there’s usually a delay before it’s available everywhere.

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ah okay, thanks man :smiley:

Lol yeah I guess its easy to make that assumption :smile:

I like the new replay tho

How so, I get the update?

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Has anybody else noticed after this update when you watch a replay the camera stays on the person that lost the race as opposed to the winner of the race as it did before?
Annoying as hell. I always watch the replays to see where I can get better.

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I’m not experiencing this on my end. I just watched sixfootseven and I disappeared to the left like a rocket. @Bill_Dont

Are you on apple or android?

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Mine always follows whoever I selected, just tried again and still the ssame

Mine used to always follow the winner of the race. No longer though. I wonder if I need to re-install.

It never hurts with a fresh start.

Well that didn’t work.

Are you speaking of the replay in vs? Because I’ve found I have the same issue. @Bill_Dont @peter

The camera should follow the fastest player, but it prefers following the other player instead of yourself even if you’re faster. Did you see this problem when you watched a player that was faster then you, slower than you, or when you watched your own replay?

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