New World #1 in ‘19?

THR_MXGOON new world #1? ZSE743 definitely has his work cut out for a repeat in ‘19, can’t wait to see the head to head battles.

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@Zse743 Hey Zach, this guy’s talking poop about u…

@WFO_Quaid I bet you were the fella to let your mom know that your sister had an extra cookie and not enough milk at bedtime


Haha he’s probably more like the fella that hopes to see some fights here :joy:

I honestly feel like this guy is not legit. His bike control skills look so inhuman compared to others. I would like to see a live gameplay from him :slight_smile:

He’s legit. He is super fucking talented. Seriously good at anything he dets his mind to. And even more importantly he’s dedicated beyond all reason.


Mx goon has always been quick as but let’s not forget that Zach normally kills his own world record in “cash” every week… :joy: most of you guys probably don’t realise that.


im so confused right now

I think I’m more confused that you would have to interpret a post and let a a guy know what it means when he could read it himself but maybe that’s how they do things in Manitoba I don’t know

woah. dont get ur panties in a knot bud

That Men’s Suit Doesn’t Go with that Women’s Hair. Just FYI…

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Plus We all know who’s taking #1next Yr and his name rhymes with Turdshaw

ZSE743 was top 1 in last jam