New Update Discussion Thread


Looks like we got ourselves a pretty massive update and nowhere to talk about it. So here you go. Have at it.

How are you liking the endurance tracks? (Crashing on the 9th lap is a blast, isn’t it?)
Isn’t that electric bike the most fun hair dryer you’ve ever ridden??
What do you love? What do you hate?


Yeah we for sure need this thread


Yeah it’ll be spread out everywhere if we don’t. Haha


When I first saw sacks replay I thought it was like a bike 12 so I went to shop but realized it was a new skin




Love all the tracks in endurance awesome to have long laps race, I wish instead of Yardsale the final track shud have been Aye eye coz dats my Fav track :wink: :smiley:


I’m really liking this right here:

Turborilla! I’m putting y’all back on the nice list, as these changes are some that I’m definitely willing to $upport! :+1:


Be the first, motorcycle 8


Do you think mad skills could ever incorporate live racing


Maybe something like a 10 or more lap track and you can’t restart it would be moreike real supercross or motocross


I think a live racing scheme has been mentioned somewhere. That would be dope. Have an online lobby where u can challenge others would be awesome. Vs format where u can see the other player reset haha. Fastest time wins.


Whats not to love about crashing on the 15th and final lap though​:scream::scream: i believe i had my first adult tantrum in nearly a year because of that :joy::joy: gotta love madskillz hahaha I like the hair dryer would be cool to be able to customize colour, endurance was a good idea i like it minus the tantrum inducing effect it has. Awesome turbo dudes :metal::metal:


Wait are you dutch or german? :grinning: since your leaderboards are dutch but the language german :thinking:


He’s Dutchman.



can he fly?


Didn’t realize this I’m bout to download right now!!!:scream:


These leader boards are Awsome, however I litterly just went through all the tracks and set times now I gotta to back on all the bikes and do it. Bike 1 on 9 laps ughhh


Hell yeah! It’s almost 11 times the game now but bike 1 can’t make it up some of the long steep hills, like in the second endurance track Stayin’ Alive.


Watch the best guy with bike one on fyg :joy::joy: you’re sure to laugh


Yeah, on one of the hills, they have to crash at the bottom and respawn at the top to make it over. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: