New things in MSM2

I want to see in a new update when we get bike 12 if we could get new gear like the new 2017 fly gear and if you could add the goons of motocross Ronnie mac and Trevor Pastrana

i doubt they will add a 12th bike but i hope they do add new gear and stuff. they said before bike 11 that they were probably not going to make a new bike anyways because they gott focus on the new MSM game. also, they wanna add more to the game with bikes than just speed and acceleration, and as you can see with the 11th, they can’t really do anything in MSM2.

Ya true but they still have one spot open on the top speed because bike 11 has everything except so I thought they might but idk


those things are true, but i think this should be the 12th bike


That would be hilarious

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