New Jam Track Ideas

I don’t know who to talk to or where to post this but i was just wandering if you guys can make some jam tracks like “Scrubbing Troubles”. Just one big long rhythm section, something that separates the boys from the men. Not complaining about anything I love this game just curious

i can make in paint if you wanna

Ya that would be cool, do you know the scrubbing troubles track I’m talking about? That’s the kind of rhythm Im talking about. It fun when you have some jumps where you need fast momentum going in order to clear everything


this was what you were looking for? or you had another idea?

That looks really fun but can you had more doubles and triples and quads. Maybe some sections where the first jump of a triple or double is smaller so you have to hit it just right to clear it? Am I kinda making sense to you?

I’m just looking for a track that has a lot of triples and doubles and little jumps that you can hit big or small if that makes sense. Instead of the really big hills and super huge jumps and drop downs I was thinking of a lot more little jumps where you have to scrub to stay low and you have to really have speed to make some jumps. does this kind of explain it? Not trying to be picky this is awesome you can draw out a track for me thank you


This kind of stuff but a lot of it for one big lap