Need some Help for extra airtime


so last week I started playing again I’m getting better. There is just one thing I can’t tackle, well 2 actually. most important is preload or deat bounce or whatever we can do for a little bit of extra airtime, height. I’d say I’m pretty skilled as a player especially scrubbing but on 2 tracks all I needed was to jump a little bit higher, my opponents did it by comming up to the jump wheelyin then smashing the fron wheel into the jump to somehow preload and jump higher then me. I’ve tried it many many times but it did not work for me. can anyone explain me how it works and maybe on which track I can practice it?

then 2nd I used to make video’s of the game mostly versus runs. I tried it last week using game tools but it was super laggy, another app I could try?

thx in advance
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Okay for the recording app i used DU recorder to record some stuff and it worked pretty good for me:

For the extra preload, i think you probably know how you can higher and further by leaning forwards at the right moment (it’s somewhere right when you take off but you gotta just feel it for yourself to find the exact right moment). Well your opponents are probably doing that but with the extra speed from the wheelie which will help you go even higher/further. Hope that helps! :+1::slight_smile:


If i can get a wheelie and stay leaning back the whole time until right as the front wheel is about to leaves i lean foward and it will help. Its not like your mashing the front wheel into the jump. Your just wheeling into it and then when the front tire hits it the forks will compress harder and give more rebound while taking off the jump. Works in real life too that way if you watch some people sending massive jumps, or just coming from a slow start and jumping. If this makes any since to you. Also check my run in slow mo on track one, i do it


thx douche:yum: & squid. I guess you are right I’ll just have to practice that technique. I guess I was looking for some other method since the guy I was racing did something weird and somehow jumped higher then me. like 50 times in a row you are beating his time up until that one jump where he gets the better of you every single time :disappointed_relieved: and I’ll try this DU recorder

what the worst part was this was on a versus run. I spend a bounch of extra minutes beating his time to later find out it was not even the fastest line :rofl:

EDIT: while I am at it. I also got beaten on like 1800 starts, every single time ehehe. so do you all lean forward before getting on the gas or press both at the same time or what is the secret on starts with bike 11 since I haven’t been able to figure it out on my own.


I press both gas and forward at the same time… But you don’t need to complete hold forward cause then your front wheel will touch the ground and slow you down… Just give the lean forward taps to get yourself into a wheelie right from the start that should do the job :+1:


In regards to the start, I recommend Dutch’s method as he is an animal in this game… what has worked really well for me is this; I lean forward all the way and let off right before/ as I’m hitting the gas. The front end will gradually come up as a result, you’ll need to start tapping forward to maintain the wheelie and your balance point. This method usually always gives me a great start and is the technique that works the best for me. I explain my technique in the video and also show you it in slow motion so you can better analyze the timing. It was pointed out to me that I should have shown that technique against a rider that wasn’t utilizing it as well, or a rider that I was faster than, but screw it because Lorky is an animal in this game too! Hope this and Dutch’s advice helps bro!! Cheers


thx, I can work with this. I’ll practice this in versus since that’s the mode I play the most. &yes is an animal looking forward to battle him @msbmx2 &msm2 for the top of the country leaderboard soon.