Need help with 64 man qualifier please!

Hello, so about a year ago I got banned for playing cash games underage, and that is fine but I qualified for the 64 man world championship thing and when I try to go to the help center to make an email to follow the instructions it tells me I have no rights and I cannot do the required steps to join the bracket. Please help before its too late! I submitted a support help email over a day ago and it still hasn’t been replied to.

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That’s a question for the normal support (I’ve been sick for a week and atm I’m the only one sitting in it so I have to work through the backlog of support issues). Send an email to

If you send in an issue that way, including things like your ingame username, your birthdate etc, I’ll be able to forward it to G:Loot and ask them to take a look at it.

I won’t help you over the forum, we don’t