Need Help? Read Me First!


@JoeW723 Hi Joe, I’ve been trying to figure out how i can change the Facebook and Google play accounts that are currently synced with my MSM2. My username is Umair_JOKERZ it is currently synced with a FB account tat i use only for official purpose. Now i want to change tat to the one i use for Social purpose. Also I’m not sure with which Google account my Madskills profile is synced with… I want to change that as well. Please help me here. How can i do this. Please let me know if u need any details. Thanks Joe :slight_smile:


I don’t even know… My madskills got logged out and everything. I go to log back in and everything works until I get to choose my nation and its blank


Yeah for me your profile looks fucked up too :thinking:


Later I’m just going to try an uninstall and install back.


So I had a virus on my phone, deleted the effected apps. Went into safe mode. Did what i read by a high rated professional android dude. And pretty sure I got it cleared. Thank God I did it before it was to late and everything got corrupted.


How do you watch multiple replays at once on android?

I see people on youtube watching replays of themselves plus the top 4 times at once.


Hold 2 fingers off to the edge of the screen with one hand, then select the replays you want to watch with the other. Let off with the 2 fingers at the second to last replay, then pick the final one. If you want yourself included, do yourself last.