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When I logged in with Facebook, it automatically added about 300 people to my following list. I can not figure how to unfollow them so that my friends list is accurate.
I’ve tried deleting the app, then just logging in with Twitter… That type stuff but nothing seems to “unsync” them.
Is there a way to access my “following” list so I can manage it?

I want to remove people from my friends list. If they haven’t played yet, It won’t allow me to click on them to unfollow them. Is there another way to do this?

Unfortunately, no, not at the moment, @716evo.

@JoeW723 how do you get the Santa helmet?

You had to play on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

How do you get titles on this forum? @JoeW723

Usually you piss off me and then it sorta just happens. What do you want as title?


DHP Ruler and Soccer player please. And thank you

I think that’s how I got my jerk title ey? :joy:

I’m gonna plead the fifth on that one.

Can you plead the 5th in denmark??? :thinking:

Well not really, but over here you have, if you are the accused, the right to lie your ass off. I’m gonna stick with that.

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I played during those 2 days and I didn’t get given the helmet , I remember seeing a lot of people with it and wondered why I don’t have it and thought I would of missed a challenge to obtain it but read this , it leaves me wondering if it is was a bug or something?

And can someone change one of my titles to Dat boi

The helmet wasn’t awarded during the two days of the WC. It was given out to the top players during the qualifying event which was a couple months earlier.

I’m talking about the Christmas helmet

I played through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and didn’t get it

It was supposed to go away after Christmas. It’s a bug that has kept it on for some players. They shouldn’t have it.