Need Help on Soya

MSM3, China, Soya, whip 3 seconds… How??

Just hit a big jump I guess

@Ericml220 I honestly found that one of the the hardest challenges in the whole game.
You have to do it on the very first jump, and just barely hold the whip the whole time and it will stop itself without crashing once you hit the ground as long as you’re not whipping too far.
Good luck!

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@WFO_SonicSpeed thank you! It’s my last challenge to get and I’ve been trying for a while. I’ll try that for sure. Thanks again!

No problem! I was really frustrated with it too because I had just done all these crazy scrubs and wheelie challenges and stuff but I couldn’t do the whip one :joy:

Did you have bike 7 maxed out to it? This is the last challenge I’ve had to do for over a week and I just can’t get it. I’m at epic level on all stuff on 7

@THR_Bonnetron yes, I was finally able to do it thanks to @WFO_SonicSpeed who helped me. Just like they said, I did it on the first jump and barely slid the whip over to land it and had to combo back/forward for max air time. That was the hardest challenge by far but is worth it cause you get Thor gear and coins when you’re all done. Keep trying!

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Awesome dude! Congrats on the full sweep too, it’s time to tear it up in Jam now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Ahh finally!! As soon as I got bike 7 maxed out, the 3 second whip is easy. Thanks for the help!

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Sweet! Congrats!

I’ve tried this a million damn times! I have bike 7 maxed out and still can’t. Also can’t beat the very last one. It’s like my bike isn’t as fast. Pissing me off. Haha

I’ve been trying and trying! Maxed out bike 7. I’ve tried every combo. Pisses me off!

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