Name change on Forum

I bet this is probably super dumb and I’m like the only person who doesn’t know how to do this but how do you change your Forum username?

Ah, its a very good question and very rarely questioned or discussed, i have an answer, only about 90% sure of it but, it is from 3 different people, one of which being joe, he doesn’t run the forum so hes only so so with it, but the answer is unfortunately you or they cannot change your first chosen username! :roll_eyes: I would love an absolute definite answer but have never gotten one so there may still be hope idk, i hate my name on here lol

You could never guess this is ZEN KraTzy from this username lol, dont tell nobody but when I changed it i pronounced it -kray tee zee- kinda a play on phonics with my previous name, joe changed that permanently the first time he ever mentioned me on the turborilla show lol, rolling the r pronouncing it kraat zee, I’ll admit it is pretty fun to say :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Name can be changed but you need to request it.
I believe tha power lies in the hands of birdie

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Thanks for both of your replies!
Where should I ask Birdshaw to change it? Just on the official name change thread or is there a different place?

In reality i do not know. With me it just kinda happened. Maybe just tag him. And im not 100% sure but i think that platinawolf does that too.

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Okay. I just asked for it on the Name Change thread, so hopefully that’ll work.

This is good to hear, however i have requested from birdshaw personally and in the official name change thread for my name to be changed several times and has never been changed or acknowledged by him :man_shrugging:

well then im just special😅

Yep, you sure are special @THR_Roastedbeef :rofl: :rofl:

@THR_Birdshaw my name on mad skills motocross 2 is kauancarneiro can you change my name to TCA_kauan? plss