Name change Mad skills 3


Can you change my name in MadSkillsMX 3 from

MrCisBoss to THR_BowskiSon

First of all you have to go to the official name request thread. And second you have to join THR first. You can’t just join without asking. Rookie mistake


be nice!

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and send a link to make it easier @HDR_Tapt

The OFFICIAL name request thread - Mad Skills Motocross 2 / Player’s Hangout - Turborilla AB click the link and ask @THR_Birdshaw to join his Team and to change your name.

That’s why I said rookie mistake wasn’t trying to sound rude. My apologies man.

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I’m trying to change it for madskills 3 not 2

You should be able to still go to the thread, can’t remember how to put it in there, and ask for @THR_Birdshaw to change it. Just trying to help most of the time he won’t respond when you do it the way you are. But good luck👍🏼

thats fine bro

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its all changed on that server @Christian_s_Everythi

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he responds on sunday

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@RaceSpeed48400 Shinigami

Old- Dirttacker12
New- WTR_Reese
Thank you

its all the same server lol