My opponent seems to be cheating

Opponent in versus seems to be cheating they only seem to do half the track

Any help please

Has it happened more than once? Bc it may just be a bug

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Here are some scams

That user has been banned.

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Check once.

Hi, we had some issues with our admin tools being barred from the Jam’s just like any other game version ^^* We’ve fixed it now and fixed it.

Could anybody delete this cheat. @THR_Platinawolf

Ecuador leaderboard? Nope, that person has been flagged and removed already.

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I started a random challenge I lost by 8 seconds and then I played his challenge and lost by 18


It also looked like he teleported to the middle of the track


Hi,for issues like this, you get a faster response if you send an email to ( I check that atleast once per work-day).

I’ve banned the player in question and deleted all his VS challenges.

Ok thanks!! I didn’t know about that so hanks for telling me :slight_smile: