MSMX2 Update (2.6.8.)


How do you unlock the new turborilla gear? It won’t tell me how or even give me the option to buy. @THR_Birdshaw @JoeW723 @anyoneelsethatcanhelp


Hmm… we had problems with it in the beta should have been fixed. I belive Its a $5 IAP. We’ll get people on it.
@hyarion! We need a grownup!


Ok thanks!


How to buy:
Main Menu -> Shop -> Riders -> click but on Turbo Gears (probably hiden far to the right)

Or is that option missing in that menu? If so, are you sure you have the latest version installed? :wink:

If you got an error message, please post a screenshot of it


Here’s what I got. It says “Buy Now For” and nothing else. If I click on it it will say contacting store for as long as I let my phone sit there but it won’t do anything else. And I have 2.6.8. Here’s some pics


Something not quite right… we’ll look into it tomorrow, thanks for reporting it :+1:


Ok thanks!


Someone pushed the wrong button so no one could buy it on iOS, it has now been fixed on the server.
Thanks for reporting it!




Thanks now I can get shitty times in style!!


Thanks for making me feel sexy again.


I am problems with downloading the new skins. I keep getting this error problem when I click on them


The game got a price from app store so it should work… :thinking:
Did you change app store to download BMX2 before global release? If so, change it back and it will probably work again (and maybe reinstall too after you switch back).
If not, contact support via the question mark in that menu


I just got the same screen :S tried it again and it now works for me… maybe apple had some poop in their system for a minute


Your times are sexy buddy lmao