MSMX2 Feature Request (Defend Counter)

So I was talking with the other THR guys on our super secret awesome public group page, and mentioned this request, a few of them thought it was a good enough idea to submit as a feature request. So here it is.

Since each time you try and improve your Jam, without choosing an opponent it randomly pairs you with someone who is just barely faster than your time. I would love to see Turborilla implement a counter to your Jam time “X players have failed to beat your Jam time”, “X players have surpassed your Jam time”. To know how many times you sucessfully or unsucessfully defended your time. It would also be neat if it could display the last person to sucessfully beat you on your run, so you could challenge them (Maybe a Revenge button or something, that lets you directly challenge against their Jam run).


I think it might be difficult to implement without having wild inaccuracies.
But I really do like the idea of the revenge button.

So the idea behind the “Revenge” button, is not to race against the time they beat you with, but to race against their current fastest recorded Jam time, same as if you were to scroll through the list and select their name to race against (a la - premium).

The Revenge button would be something for non-premium to access the person to have defeated them last. The time could be faster by .2 seconds, or by 2 seconds, yada yada, or even couple the “Revenge” button into the premium features.

To tell you the truth I think the game is fine the way it is overall. I don’t see how msmx3 could be much better than msmx2 other than customized gear an graphics. I’m nervous for the release of msmx3 because I have so much time invested into msmx2.

Is there any date concerning release of msmx3. The reason i ask is i always buy premium and i don’t want to pay to much if msmx3 would be released in 2 weeks (just as an example).

You have nothing to worry about. MSMX3 is WAY into the future! And if you were to get burned on that account I would personally see to that you got your premium transfered.

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Absolutely love the idea!

Would be even better if you add: “People have tried to beat your Jam time 123323 times and failed”. One guy can try 200 times for example.

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I REALLY doubt they’ll mess with the physics. That is the main selling point of mad skills. Pwn in MXMS2 and you’ll pwn in MXMS3

They should add an option for adding your team name to the gear (bike)3-4character limit. A team emoji :+1: that would be awesome.

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msm3 is at least a year away so buying 40 weeks is safe :slight_smile:

Sketch up an example of how you envision it to work and look (napkin sketch is ok)

Regarding changing core gameplay in msm3… We don’t want to screw anything up so we’ll be extremely carful not to break what you all love with this game just like we did when we developed msm2. I totally understand your concern though.

Yeah man! At least add the unicorn emoji since you guys won’t give us our well deserved helmet! It’s allready here :unicorn::unicorn::unicorn:!
And as for team names it’s as easy as adding letters to the number plates in the same way there are numbers. Sure we will have like 12000 players with ASS on their bike, but I think we can live with that.


There’s a planned release date zu MSM3

Birdshaw just did your job for you bruh!

No, there’s no planned release date

Liga Button
Where you can see if you hold your league , Ascending or descending.

125,000 -20% = 25,000 and better to hold.
More than 12,500 will be added to league 1

But for lower league drivers is unclear I find, must synonymous imner with pocket calculator to calculate, at 129.491
Whether I can hold my league 2 or whether I will drop off in three, More clearly at a glance would be nice

I have been asking for this feature for years! I can’t promise anything but I think something like this will be in BMX2

There should be a red number plate if you reach level 60 in verses

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