MSMX2 bike desings


Did anyone else notice the glitch with the decals. If you go into the game with no decals equipped on bike 11 and equip the turborilla decals then it will make your bike look like bike 8 but have bike 11 stats and the front suspension is also still compressed on the start. It also works with the flame decals to make it look like bike 6. The second you change the colors afterward it changes back to bike 11 look. Only thing is I don’t think it shows up on other people’s screen the same way. This only works on iOS as far as I know


Yeah i noticed that too… But if you unequip the decal and equip it again after it does actually stay bike 11 but with the decals :thinking: @hyarion maybe something to look into?


It happened to me too last night I noticed that.


Black plates cost money @THR_Doucheman


Dude that cool, im going to try that it would trick people in my state


that bike is amazing for the game :3


@Blucru562 :metal:


99 fucking cents


I guess I could them lol.


It’sindeed a cool design. But is a bike, not a mb. Btw, you’ll find it in bmx2:

Ps. It’s one of the bike designs i like the most.



@THR_Sam27 thx


Im trying to rock the christmas spirit


Rocking Christmas colors as well :ok_hand::grinning:


I put the Santa helmet on and now it won’t come off!! It says I’ve got the red bull helmet equipped but when I go on a track and i’m still wearing the Santa helmet! Has this happened to anyone else??:thinking:


You must have used glue on it :grinning:


Be patient lol, msm3 will come when it’s ready


i found that out the day the black rims came out a long time ago on accident. i use it now as a visual queue. i have a gold rim on the back and a white tire on the front. It feels like you bikes front fender/whole bike is tilted towards the sky. so it helps me keep wheelies. this is just all in my head though i think. its just a dumb mental thing. i have lately started to be able to ride with normal tires and have been doing perfectly fine.




Current setup