MSMX2 bike desings


I wouldn’t doubt it. I mean turborilla and Suzuki have had a thing together so, my guess is Thats exactly where it came from


You should be able to find real suzuki bikes that matches bike 1-9 IIRC
Bike 10 and 11 was inspired by a couple of bikes and brands because there wasn’t any new suzuki when we designed them.
We actually had to adjust bike 1’s front fork since people on facebook laughed at us for having the wrong type of suspension originally for that bike :stuck_out_tongue:

Good thing no one ever notised that the chain and sprockets are located on the wrong side of the wheel


Haha yeah man ive noticed actually but yeah lol


I have seen some players lately with a bronze rim at the front and a black rim at the back, any ideas on how to do this?


I think it’s done by turning off black rims… Then going to customize colors… Switching ONLY the rear tire color and then switching the color of the rear tire back to black… That should put the black rim on the rear wheel but not on the front wheel


It worked. Thanks!


One of my first bikes was the xr 80 of that same year. Such a fun bike!


Yes it is :fire:


Realized this kinda looks like a storm trooper on a speeder bike


Getting in the star wars spirit haha great love it.


Too bad Disney is known to dislike other people use their characters in games etc… I would have loved to have a scout trooper riding on a 74-Z speeder in the game!


Waiting for bike no 12 :wink:


Same here man!


Keep waiting man :grinning: there’s not gonna be a bike 12 :sweat_smile:


You will be able to jump across the entire track it will be crazy fast.


I think people keep wanting bike 12 because on bike 11 there’s still a dot open on speed. Maybe if they removed the dot people would stop talking about it lol.


As dumb as that sounds I actually think you’re right.


Can anyone make a sick design for a Yamaha ( blue bike) plz.


Or do you have any ideas I want it to look like my profile pics as much as possible but I can’t seem to find the right combinations.


Make the bike blue with a black numberplate… It’s not THAT hard to look at the colors of a picture right :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: