MSMX2 bike desings


Got any cool bike designs? Want to share them? Or simply just check out others designs and try them out for your self there are many different and awesome ways to customize your bike in mad skills motocross 2 I wanna see you guy’s ideas and designs!

This is one of the bikes I’ve designed!

Favourite Bike Skin in MSM2
Anybody want to see some cool designs I did?

I like this topic idea man!!! :+1: here’s some of the ones I’ve used in the past! :slight_smile:


This is what I use right now and is my favorite

This is my breast cancer awarness bike



Nice number




Nice designs so far guys!! Keep it coming


nothing special, but I enjoy it everytime


I keep changing Often…




I like the gold


That’s what all team memebers need in msm3


Yeah letters are like a one day job (I have developed zero games, can you tell?). But seriously it should be rather simple. Letters didnt make sense when there were no teams, but now they really do.
@hyarion @peter


We’ve talked about adding letters. Maybe we’ll pick that trail up again. You can order custom plates with letters from many manufacturers.


You won’t like this… but there once was support for letters in the game but I actually removed it before we released the game so people wouldn’t write offensive words.
I think the first thing a team member tried to choose as plate text was “KUK” (cock in swedish). Then I realized how annoying it would be to handle all support emails we would get from offended people xD


What about having team only plates only obtainable by team leaders giving devs the “go ahead” to add to the profile perhaps? That way people cant writ whatever they want? :grin:


Or just a ban on a few “offensive” words. I can think of like 8 all in all.


Yeah but then you would have that discussion on what’s offensive… Cause for example people use LUL as a replacement for LOL but it’s also dutch for dick (not that that’s very extreme but it could still be considered a “bad word”) :sweat_smile:


Jebus… this is 2017. It’s about time we tell people who get offended by ASS to fuck off. And That’s my professional opinion. :grinning:


Yeah i agree but I think when it’s about banning offensive stuff we’re probably like the last people you should ask that too :joy::joy::joy: