MSMX2-3 Versus GP

Dont know if its been suggested but about a msmx vs gp, minimum 3 opponents (upto 9) friends or skill matched at random based on level or division, you get say 5-10 tracks selected randomly, 2minutes to set your fastest lap and on to the next track. So you would sign up to be apart of a GP and maybe have 12 or 24 hours to complete all tracks Fastest joint times or average times at the end win a bundle of rockets?. Thought it would be a fun and kinda more social experiment. Plot twist You cant use Rockets during the GP haha :grin::grin:. Or maybe have a system to qualify for a higher level GP resulting in a world msmx GP championship?? Just spitballin.


I think a pretty similar set up is in the works :slight_smile:

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I really like the idea of that :grinning: but seriously though… Why on earth rockets as a price!!! Who uses rockets anyways!!! :joy:

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You. You use rockets. All the time. Especially in jam. :smile:

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I would be really disappointed with myself if i really did and still didn’t get world records :joy:

Well that speaks volumes about your true capacity :joy:

But now Im sligthly off topic. Vs gp sounds swell. :slight_smile:

What about a customised helmet that lasts a month lol then u have to win another. Rockets seem to be the most likely unless the turbo fellers wanna give free premium haha