Msm3 new idea for career: Trails

Hello everyone, i want your response.
Would it be nice if we have a new career mode: Trails?
In the trails you need to pass obstacles and big jumps and trickie things to make it to the finish.
If you have any ideas for the trails. Pleas Send them to me.
Thank you!:wink:

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I actually think that might be a good idea for career it’s somthing different but I would have it just as one mode in career would like to test different obstacles kinda like a woods/trails theme some rocks snow logs ? Would also like to test track surfaces more than obstacle throw some suspension tire settings in there as well !!!


Yeah I would like that it would be more better

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Thanks for the support @LOWlife153

That sounds like a good idea. You can also add streams or rivers that you must time a jump to pass over…or else you sink. Mudholes, ravines and so forth…

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Love the river idea! @Kota

I like the sound of this

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Yes that would be nice… could even be awesome if it reach the agility type of game. Big ramp like we see in stadium. Jumps over obstacles or even time attack to pass to next level etc. It would make the game more entertaining when looking for a quick play.

that’s not gonna happen in msmx2 i’m not sure if 3 is gonna have that, but they are talking about making a mad skills trail

I personally think there needs to be some hillclimb tracks with high peaks that turn into insane downhills for the finish, so come on with it Finnish folk, do this Arkansas toast a solid and butter my bread

Oh and while we suggesting thangs hear ye this, instead of giving jam travelers the name “guest183648273638” which is ducksauce dumber than stooopid ducksauce, show their actual name but place a tag of some sort that shows where they are from, that way locals can see who is coming in and trying to bomb their jam rankings, keep track of how many times players from a certain region come into a local and the most attempts are tagged rivals. Thats as clear as im gonna attempt to explain it, especially while my chimpanzees are running about out of their cages without wearing their diapers. Oops too late, heehaw is coming on the lightbox