MSM2 Pause Delay

@hyarion @Platinawolf
Can we get the pause delay fixed? Sometimes I have to pause because of sweaty thumbs so I can dry my hands off. Otherwise I lose button control on the game. It’s something I do a lot in cash endurance races.

I did a quick test and did a series of about 10 pauses in about 7 meters. My ghost will show the pause delay. For the test, I used the GO button and I made sure I was leaning back each time I unpaused it. Watch the ghost in the video below. I lose 1-2 meters in about 10 pauses.

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That’s what you get for pausing :joy::fu:t3:


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I had no idea this bug existed. Has it been reported before?
Was it introduced in a reason version or has it always been there?

This has always existed. Some people knew about it. Some thought it was just a visual glitch but didn’t affect the race time.

I don’t think it has been reported before.




Me too haha