MSM2 Control problem with new phone

Is there any compatible problems in MSM 2 and new android/Phones? I got a new phone (Nokia 8.1) and there is android 9 (Pie).
In my case back button goes stuck very often and game works fine otherwise. Reloading game, restarting phone, turning phone around, playing with auto or manual etc. wont help. Any similiar problems?

have had the same problem with my Huawei P20 pro but only when i have turned the phone upside down

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I think you solved my problem. :+1:
There are no physical buttons on bottom of my phone. So i think thats somekinda problem.
When I played the phone`s virtual keys on the right, the back button of the game got stuck after a moment of playing. When I turned the phone the other way around, the jam continued.
BUT when I start the game with the phone’s virtual keys on the left, the game’s back button hasn’t got stuck anymore. :love_you_gesture: