MSM1 still available for PC?

Would really like to be able to play the OG mad skills mx on my PC again. Someone let me know if this is still available and how to get it if possible.

I miss MSM1

I’ve forwarded this thread to the developer who’s most likely to know if we have any PC version hanging around.

I wish we could still play this on the phones, I just went to the link and ran some laps. Still so much fun, and better than the rest of the side scrolling mx games out there!

Had some sick custom tracks back in the day

It’s awesome to hear that you wanna race the original Mad Skills again. If you bought it for PC, Mac or Linux, then just shoot a mail to and we’'ll resend your download link. Please include your full real name and, if you remember, the email address that you used when purchasing the game.

The iPhone version is only compatible with older versions of iOS. Get hold of an old device with iOS 5 to download it from the App Store.