MSM 3 late-signup

Hello everyone!

I’m not really sure if I should tag any developers in this message, but I’d like to ask if I can still get in on the MSM 3 beta. I’ve missed the official message on the forum, and it said that that was exclusive, but I’ve recently learned that some people are still getting it. I think I’d be at least descent at testing, because i’ve been playing MSM 2 for about 6 years, and I want to contribute to future development of MSM 3. I hope you will make this possible.

Thank you for your kindness and time,
Lan Sojer / ZEN_Frog

yeah they r still accepting. Mad Skills Motocross 3 Beta-Team Signup - #39 by Thr_Dtr218 copy that link and go up to the link that JoeW723

i became one today on 1/22/21

@YT-EjDeR-09 click the link. the game is really good.

Yea, but is it actually through the link? Because Joe posted it a long time ago.

read joes post and complete the requirements and he will get you in. @YT-EjDeR-09

its easy. the game is awesome.

I doubt it. I did everything on there, and (not to brag) I think i’d make at least a descent tester since i’ve been with turborilla for more than 6 years. I did it about a month ago, and still nothing. I really don’t think i’ll get it.

i’ve done the same thing and then i saw what @JoeW723 said. do you have discord? @YT-EjDeR-09

I do! Idk if this helps, but it’s SyTechs#9502 :sweat_smile:


i’m DTR_Ripps