MSBMX2 Teams will you stay?


secret rythm? what do you mean?


i was in div 3 last week lmao. idk just been really busy havent had a decent time to sit and play until this week


I think he’s talking about that underground tunnel that leads to a space portal :thinking:


Or he’s been on rehab :joy: had a little bit to much msmx2 for his good. :joy:


Ok well hurry back up in 1:st league buddy. We miss u there. :sweat_smile:


haha i’m trying to make it easier for you guys jeez!


Or birdys house :joy:


I do want one but I only have $50 to my name currently :sweat_smile:


Jesus can’t u buy phones with an mobile account and pay a fee each month in your country? :blush:


He’s been in your moms captivity doin all sorts of weirdness. That’s where he dug the tunnnel, that’s why u know :blush::joy::sweat_smile:


Well he probably could, But usually holding off on the spending when really low on cash is a good call.


True true. Why did u decide to come and be all mature and four eyed smurf all of a sudden :sweat_smile:I say be a Unicorn :unicorn: and live for the day :clown_face:


I may be an asshole, but Im also one cheap motherfucker.


I’d rather not do that :sweat_smile:


that jump that you roll and not jump it


Nah! Not an asshole, you’re a big bear :bear: all cuddly and kind. But with an attitude :joy:


is that the new one MSM3


No it’s the new shop


ja ok, if this is the new shop of MSM2,.
why I do not have that, no new download is available.


The turborilla show is to show off some features for the games that will come in the future… It’s not in the game yet