MSBMX2 Teams will you stay?

With MSBMX2 right around the corner of release does that mean teams like YG and WFO, are they converting to the new game or strictly staying on MSM2 until the next mx game ?

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I’m pretty good at BMX2 and would like to see if the major teams will recruit new players when the game comes.

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To be honest I haven’t decided. Right now we are having way too much fun not to continue, But MSMX 3 is a fair bit away still.


Right now, user accounts and usernames are shared between the games, since team names is just a prefix in the username it will also be carried over to bmx2.

We should probably look into this and see if there’s an easy way to separate it so you can belong to different teams for mx and bmx.

It is too soon to know how all this will be handled in msm3 but I quite sure we will have fixed it before then :slight_smile:

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i think. tha name will be the same in all games of turborilla.

isnt msbmx2 on iphone only or am i on crack?

mad skills bmx 1 was iphone only
mad skills bmx 2 will be ios and android :slight_smile:


Good cause I’m on Android



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Same, what phone you got?

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Motorola XE3 , it’s from 2012 or 2013 :joy:

Its a good phone though :v: I got the g5

I really need a new phone though, the one I have now won’t charge most the time

Go for the g5 bro

Yo quaid your first in division two and I’m second my name is TSR_Bdog_FL bro do you know the secret rhythm on cheddy

Just got a galaxy s5. It was my brothers and he got the s7. Im loving it

You need to get out of the Bayou and in to the iOS world dude :wink: I’m on iPhone 6 and it’s just smashingly great :+1: :smiley:

Dafuq u doin in div 2 :thinking:

Milkin it :joy::money_mouth_face: