MSBMX2 bike designs


Have any cool looking bike designs in bmx2 ? This topic is created to share or simply look through people’s cool bike designs , there are so many cool combinations in bmx2 so I wanna see yours :smiley_cat:
Please say if it costs cash or gold or cash and gold
Credits to @YZF_JLaRue4 for the idea for this topic with his MSMX2 bike designs topic

Here is my favourite rider and bike combo


Here’s some more coolish designs you could try out yourself but you might need some gold for some of them

| hopes this helps lol, for the people who can actually download the game


To me this bike goes best with this suit:


This is mine… I’m still on bike 6 cuz I cant beat loco. Anyone got tips


Try to follow the same line as in this video and you should be good to go :+1:


Thanks! This was super helpful. I’m on my way to beating loco now!:ok_hand:t3:


Yo those are actually sick. Too bad gold costs more than everyone’s rent :joy: he he he