Moto 7 bug (anyone else?)

Hi everyone, since the new update 2.5.3 and the coming of moto 11 (I managed to get), the app totally screwed up. I CAN’T RETRIEVE my progress and stucked on moto 6. WTF ?!?!
**If anyone could help me. **

@JoeW723 @bryan @hyarion


Lester is just tagging some of the devs to get their attention so they can help y00z.

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Oh ok thanks dude :slight_smile:

It’s a know issue and it has nothing to do with bike 11. They’ll restore your progress no problem, but they are still not sure what causes it.

So, how could I retrieve my progress?..I mean moto 7,8,9,10 & 11 then? cuz at moto 7 they say i have to get 3 jams wins to open moto 7…whereas i’ve already got this previously.

Congrats you found our most annoying bug!
We’re working on a fix for this but it will take some time to solve. It has been haunting us since almost a month now :frowning:
Please send an email to which describes:

  • the issue (what you wrote in your first message here)
  • game version (2.5.3)
  • device model (eg. “Samsung galaxy note 7”)
  • os version (eg. “Android 6.0”)
  • username (eg. “phoneonfire56”)

if you do that I’m sure joe will help you out in no time :slight_smile:

Thanks, i’ve sent an email like you adviced me.

I have also same problem with le_chat_vaudou.

Send an email to which describes:

the problem
game version (2.5.3)
device model (eg. "Samsung galaxy note 7")
os version (eg. "Android 6.0")
username (eg. "phoneonfire56")

I did it and they will refund me given that I purchased moto 7 (7,99€) whereas I’ve already got it previously.

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Hello, my dad has been playing this and he had every bike unlocked and all maps completed but after the recent update it keeps the tracks he completed but all bike stats reset and glitched out, like 5th 6th 7th bikes have trophies completed but no bike, he has reinstalled and logged in multiple times. thanks.