More accessories please!

I personally think that there should be waaaay more bike skins and rider skins available via micro transactions. I like supporting things that I love, and I certainly love madskillsmx 2 and this year alone I would have easily bought $100 worth of skins if they were available. My other wishes for the game are: randomly generated free ride levels that are endless, for general practicing. Also some hill climb / downhill competition levels, and some high jump competitions. Also not enough emphasis is being placed on bike # jam leader, the real racing world cares more about the fastest in a class than it does the fastest time overall hence why we predominantly see races televised from the 250 and 125 (Using 2 stroke cc as examples) classes and not 500, or hell why even care about the 125s at all, I feel that this game treats the slower bike classes as a side note. In my state the competition dies down dramatically as you drop down in bike #, hell most weeks I’m the only bike #1 and #2 rider competing (I do compete in my division and for the world but I prefer locality, would rather beat my neighbor than some super cool dude from Denmark). I think they should offer up weekly helmets to the winners of every world, division, country, state / local competitions. That way recognition can be had no matter what level rider you are, or if the best riders want every helmet for every possible event available to them then at least they spread their talent around creating more competition in the future, this would increase the overall level of rider competency. Then if you don’t win #1 in a given area the helmet vanishes from your inventory and goes to the current champ. Also can someone please tell turborilla to make bike 13 more customizable, who the crap wants black all the time, I like my gear different every jam week. Speaking of gear does anyone know who I can negotiate with about purchasing the Red Bull rider skin, I was (wait for it) incarcerated in prison for a stretch and missed out, apparently sending another man to the hospital for hitting your 62 year old momma is worse of a crime than hitting a woman. I have the division #1 helmet but would love that Red Bull rider skin. This game is truly wonderful and is really and brutally honestly being shamefully wasted by its maker. Again I sadly say that is of my own personal opinion that considered from an overall marketing and monetization viewpoint this truly remarkable racing game is being wasted of its true potential. And while I’m composing here let me add that going to 3D graphics on a mobile platform will end half if not more of its users, most of my friends can’t afford phones good enough to really play madskills Mx 2 without major control delay and gameplay lag in general. They shouldn’t be thinking the path they are on is better, 3D graphics with pseudo isometric angles = bikes that look disproportioned, the bikes just look stupid, many people I know downloaded this game because of that deep nostalgic connection to excite bike and how it too was left with untapped potential (yes I played the modern versions by nintendo and thought they were great but not as good as madskillsmx 2) the designers should be expanding on what they already have, truly fleshing out this experience, they don’t need to redesign what they have, they have literally invented the ‘wheel’ with madskillsmx 2, 3d graphics that many phones will sputter and chug to coupled with dorky looking bikes and bobble headed whoop animations is game over. Maybe it’s just me with such opinions but I had to let the frustration out, thanks for reading and if anyone can help me with those skins, well, thanks again for y’all’s help. -Konfederate


I can’t help you with the other stuff, but fuck that guy that hit your mom.



I understand that my rant sounds harsh, and I’m ok with that. However, I do first and foremost want the world to know that this is my favorite racing game of all time, and being quite old I’ve played many many racers. I also reserve the human right to be wrong about all that I’ve said, even wrong when it comes to my own personal opinions. I don’t know what level of adversity tuborilla has faced in its years of business, nor do I know squat about international business laws between the USA and other countries. Like many, I can imagine a much fuller experience all around while keeping the core elements of gameplay intact, and as far as I know that’s exactly what they got going on with madskills 3, the first several videos I watched of madskillsmx3 I didn’t jive with, but since those first videos were made public it appears to have changed in slight ways, and privately has probably changed in many more pertinent ways. Of course if we could just put on a brainwave measuring cap and imagine wholly a game while some perfect AI coded our dreams we would all be making and playing the best games that could ever be, but real people actually have to create what we enjoy and that is certainly easy for me to take for granted, the closest I ever got to being a programmer was doing the tutorial for these forums heh heh. Thanks to turborilla for providing us with this forum, this platform, this soapbox, and allowing us to praise and complain alike.


i 100% agree if you have discord tag @joe or @sgtsnacks and let him know he might be able to do some of that stuff.

and like @f1ftyone F that guy