Mobile data usage

Ugh… I know with tha data plans. I only have 50gb on my phone and unlimited on wifi :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But on a more serious note, do anyone know just how much data mad skills uses?

I would also be intrested in knowing abit about that.
As it is now, 4th of February, beta124 have used around 0,5gb on my phone. In four (4) days!
Playing VS takes a lot I guess, alot!

Side note, my phone is limited to 2gb and the home wifi is 39gb

I wouldn’t know, but perhaps @peter, @fuzzyhobo, or one of the devs could chime in with more info on this.

The data that we communicate between the game and our server for Jam and Versus shouldn’t be noticeable, but we don’t know what our other third party plugins do, for instance the ad networks.
But if you’ve purchased anything in the game we don’t enable the ad networks any more.

Are you sure it’s not other apps like Facebook that are using a lot of traffic ?

This is just the data usage on my phone, home wifi not included, wich is another 200mb. In four days use.

I have btw done in-app purchases.

We’ll investigate a bit

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Time period January 9th - February 5th.
2.12 GB from our home WiFi :o

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Woah, I thought I had high usage… Damn!

What are you doing in game the most ?

For me; Jam and Versus.

Around 2000 Jam attempts weekly and Versus racing every day against 10-15 opponents.

Quite noticeable amount of data I’ll say :stuck_out_tongue:

Just jam and vs, though not much of that last couple weeks. Maybe 2-300 attempts on each track a week. Been really slacking on jam but I’ve been playing more vs just lately. I had do lot of random challenges to xp up for 9. Do I dunno maybe 10 vs a day sometimes less. But that does seem a lot of data for what I’ve done

Early guess is that one of our ad networks downloads a lot of shit while game is in background.
So don’t leave the game in the background when done playing, close it properly.
We’ll continue to investigate.

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Even if you have ads disabled?

If you are suffering from extreme data usage, yes.

That’s all mobile date too. Some of that will be downloading new builds

Depending on your phone you can go to settings then data usage and there is a breakdown of all apps and data they use.

This is a Samsung Galaxy but I play now on an iPad mini, the game plays so much better on Apple device

In the next update we have done some work to try and reduce the data usage.

I got 2 on my phone and 30 on our wifi at home.
You dont have that?