May I Join WFO @WFO_Krokus74

here is two weeks, i will have the third week of top 25 on sunday, my name is:
DTR_K1LL-SWITCH and i would like to be WFO_TopGear thanks!

here is week two of the grind :joy:

i would really like to Join WFO @WFO_Krokus74, thank you for your time. and this is not all of my proof i am 3rd right now on jam in the world on Drama-O-Rama Rerun and will very likely be below top 25 at the end of the week.

Hey bro,
whenever you’re showing your proof to Krokus it has to say “this round has ended” down at the bottom so that he knows that it’s at the END of a week and not halfway through.
You got 21 last week, so show a screenshot of that placement, rather than your 4th place from the Tuesday.
Like this one:

Not like this one:

I know the placement is higher here :arrow_up:
But the picture was from Thursday or something, so it doesn’t matter.

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Ok thanks!

:sweat_smile: :neutral_face::neutral_face:

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Stop sending me your rank on the first day jeezz… it must be 3 weeks in a row with top25 world rank in jam. You know everyone can be top25 after the first day. The week need to be ended on the picture. Show me what I want and we will talk later, now you have some work to do little kid!


yes sir! @WFO_Krokus74 i will talk to you MONDAY.

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i’m uploading my proof.

i clicked the wrong one.

@Thr_Dtr218 very nice, but it has to be overall!
Like I said on the DTR chat, one track doesn’t mean anything. And there has to be three weeks- you only posted two.

did you straight up fake the last picture?? lol. the text that says the week has ended is way off, only 12 000 finishers and the black sqare to hide the actual time left… If you are going to fake it, atleast don make it as obvious lol


Bruh I’m dead :rofl:


ok thanks sheeps, yeah i had to go somewhere so i was not able to post the last one.

if there are any other things i need to know before i try again?

Maybe give real proof? Like @Solmejk pointed out, editing your photos to try to prove it isn’t gonna work. Krokus can just go check the game and see that you actually got 150th or something on Uprising Rerun, not 14th.

on citrus bowl i got 14th like it shows, and i had been testing the editing thing and used the wrong picture.

Oh sorry that one was actually real.
Uprising Rerun though?
You got 111, and here’s a REAL photo of your time.