Maico 700 for bike 13

Can we get the maico 700 for bike 13?

add bike number 13 ****

Be polite!

What’s a maico 700

we all want sponsers like redbull monster and rock star and some others

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they also need to add custom tracks

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also music
super cross music

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Thats not going to change anything. Youre not the developer and if you are going to speak to them in that kind of way they arent going to do anything. And there is another game in the making so they are more focused on that and not in updating msmx2 right now. So please shut it and wait for the developers to do what they think is the best.


damn bro

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man i wonder what game there making maybe its mad skills motocross 2?
or its a truck game never know.

They are making msmx3.

YES THEY DO😁 They need to


Wat the hell is a maico 700?

I FINALLY FOUND IT… maico 700!!