MadSkillsMX3 Beluga Whale Racing team sign up

For when MadSkillsMX 3 is released BWR is aiming to become one of the best of the best race teams. On I’ve we would like you to be top 100 in jam.

If you would like to join
(message me on,
Instagram - @bwr_moto
Discord - BWR_moto :heart:‘s THR <— (don’t mind that square if you see it idk why it’s there)
And even twitch if you want too
Twitch - moto__2 <—(two underscores)
or even Xbox :joy:
Xbox - moto2 )

Message me on one of those what your current name is and what you want your new name to be with BWR_ in front of it. Your full name cannot have spaces and can have a maximum of 15 characters, so you can add 11 more characters after BWR_

Don’t worry if you don’t wanna join or leave your current team, I know I know I know THR is pretty :ok_hand: atm but hey… BWR could be pretty :ok_hand: in the future.

I want :point_right:YOU for MSMX3

Join me

What is your in game name? Just wondering

My name. THR__Kanishka

I used to be in THR

My goal with BWR is to have an established team that is one of the best of the best in the world when msmx3 is released and we are trying to be the same in bmximage you also get one of these with your name on it
But you need to be f a s t

Someone’s out in good time :slight_smile:

join me

Join you? As in…?

can i become aprt of bwr?

Join our discord and we will let you know