MadSkillsMX 3 Ideas


I feel as if there should be a “my tracks” button/tab/thing instead of your tracks being under “build”


NEON colors.


Yeeeesss, fluorescent orange would be lit


Gas,brake,forward,back telemetry of opponents in replay session?

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Has anybody mentioned red plates for jam winner each week I think that would be a pretty cool idea or a points system in jam instead of the same old same old


I second this if it hasn’t been stated already… Top 100 players each week (or every other week or something) get something small, or anything that feels more rewarding.

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How about (similar to a game like clash of clans, or clash royale) We can have Teams to join in game, and be able to chat amongst our teammates, in game. Along with this comes (maybe) tournaments where teams go head to head against eachother where the team that has the fastest combined times on a track gets the win ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Jam is not necessarily going to be the jam we know now. But if the concept of an overall weekly winner stays, that would be an awesome idea! Or maybe like have a “championship/season” every month or every 30 days. Like it would be the overall of 5 weeks. And the red plate would be for points leader.


Teams have been confirmed to be coming for around a year haha

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“Can we not add the finish line banner so you hit it at the end, understand its part of the track but its super annoying.”-spaceman spiff

I know he was referring to bmx2 and what caused him to say this was the big bmx2 glitch that was going on with it. But for me personally in both bmx2 and mx3 the finish line banner is pretty annoying to hit and can be insanely frustrating when you hit it on a crazy run. I actually have a non posted YouTube vid of me on a WR run hitting it… then throwing phone.(why it’s not posted😂) And yes, I completely understand that this situation was a one time deal that happened to me specifically, but I guess what my point is, is that it is pretty much just annoying even when you hit it on a generally slow run or just any run in general.

My fix for this could possibly just be to make it an actual banner, that could break straight in the middle, or could rip completely off.
Or just remove it completely but I personally don’t believe that this would be the best option seeing that it is already in the game and it aesthetically looks good within the game.

Thanks for reading this! :ok_hand:

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This would be awesome to have in every update!!

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The new gears pretty cool but I like the sky gear


It would be cool if this could be implemented now, but I like racing against everyone in my location. I’m usually in first or second every weekly jam in my location. I think it would be cool to let the top guy per location have a red plate for the jam week after. That way if you see the red plate you should watch out.

I would also like to see the Turbo tracks from the first game make a comeback.


How do I play madskills3


You dont yet…its in a closed beta right now :sweat_smile:


When does this get released?


The event has been going on since last jam week :sweat_smile: if you dont see it make sure youre on the newest non beta version

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Oh yeah i know the events been goin on :joy: just didnt see the monthly track thingy :blush:


I read the entire thing and im gonna add another thing how on mx2 the flames customization i think we should be able to change the color of the flames or change the flane to a skull or somthing and be able to change the color of the skull as well

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There should be different manufacturers to choose from. Like I want a 2019 (style) crf450r, and other people can choose like ktm or Suzuki styles for us to choose what we like. And all of the manufacturers styles. That’s my opinion