MadSkillsMX 3 Ideas


There was a sign up in the past few days but the invites have already been sent out :grimacing: so if you wanna be part of the beta team youll most likely have to wait for the next sign up they do :grimacing:


When will we be able to test it out I was told I am part of the beta team


Very soon. If everything goes as planned, somewhere next week. But if youre part of the team youll hear from the devs as soon as its ready. :+1:


One of the conditions to be able to publish a track is that it has atleast one replay. However, I’ve published two tracks (Cliff and Spikes) that are next to impossible to complete. Rather sure Spikes is utterly impossible to complete now after Hyarion reduced the ability to do frontflips.


Reduced ability to do front flips, does this mean slower flips or something?


Compared to the version I was playing with, yes. Compared to MSM 2, not really. Once you get the beta, check the Spikes track to see the silly quick speeds we had in the alpha :stuck_out_tongue:


I will


It would be incredible to be able to participate and / or organize tournaments within the Game


Maybe Wager races?Like versus,but head to head and not sending the race like a day after.The person who set the fastest time in the shortest amount of time wins!


own team week jam …
to challenge another team …
Team overview of the participants …
Distinguishing feature of the team …


How about possibly having a relay race. You and another rider go against 2 other riders. One lap per rider best combined times win!


That would be sick!!!


sorry if this has already been stated, but how about the ability to overlap somebody?


No it has not been stated yet from what I have seen, that is a really simple but cool feature if it was to come.


Neck Braces, option to have one on or off.


the possibility that the players have weight in the decisions for the game. that if at some point the developers have more than one idea for the game, the players can vote somewhere (as much as possible within the game) that it would be better to introduce the game beforehand and leave for later.


that the 12 most voted tracks of the month become a campaign for the premium :thinking:


I’ve mentioned this before for MX2, but I think would be awesome if you could see your cumulative best time on versus tracks!

Also, I would love to be able to see how many completed runs one has on a course… We obviously can see our number of attempts, but I think it be pretty humorous to see how many we’ve actually completed!


I think if there are some weekly challenges that are simple. For instance, one week would be longest wheelie and the next week would be farthest hill climb. You can rotate between the challenges, just have different tracks for it.


Hahaha, yeah. I bet Zach only ever has 1 attempt on every jam week :joy: