MadSkillsMX 3 Ideas


How would that work?


An endurance track. Each time one falls is disqualified. The track can be looping until only one stays.


That is kind of how Tournament mode will work. Start with 8. After first race 4 get knocked. Restart with 4, after that 2 get knocked. Restart 1v1 for win.


haha i wasnt serious but damn thats not a super bad idea.


Also, brand new tracks every time would be cool, to prevent easy wins/ knowing the track before hand and having knowledge of the fast line


Everyone in equal playing field

Or just have a different 1 track every day


Basically an mx simulator elim race, exact same thing actually. That would/ will be sick!!!


I think to clear things up, there could be a word that says “TEAM” and if you click on it, it will reveal the team name


personalization by team: helmet, suit or plate


That the tracks created by user have a range of difficulty (they are separated by easy, medium, difficult and extreme or more). And that we have a profile where we show the amount of each difficulty in the maps we spent


Is there going to be different terrains?


Who could be qualifying the tracks? And based on what?


I hope we retain the Endo trick in MSMX3. That’s a skill-set which can help in some situations, like skipping some wall.

It takes some skills too to pull off a perfect nosewheelie, and whenever it’s done, is also glorious.

Edit: Endo is also addictive. Mr Awesome @THR_Birdshaw can relate :cowboy_hat_face:


The tracks would be voted by all who finish the map deciding how difficult it was for the map then when a map reaches a number of votes be notified some administrator to confirm the level of difficulty of the maps


Another idea may be that if people play a map that you created give you money (gambling money) and for those who play depending on the difficulty give more or less money.


I think those that have plenty followers will have unfair advantage over others.


There may be a category where the last published maps are displayed then Ahy would have them a chance to joining know new mappers


Also so that the maps are not impossible can make it necessary that the creator has to pass the map to publish it.


Good idea, or it could take you to a roster of the team


Do you have a sign up for beta testers?