MadSkillsMX 3 Ideas


I would like to be able to see how much battery my phone has while racing, been a couple times where I have to keep checking so it doesn’t cut out while im jammin. That would be a cool feature even now in msm2 I feel.


Also would like to have a few different font choices for numbers as well.


Not necessarily a reasonable thing, because all you need to do is charge your phone or look at your battery before you open the app, and no I’m not trying to be a smart *ss I’m just saying.


If its not too much to ask but what about poses/emote animations for win/losses after a race in the recap screen, certain tiers or requirements unlock animations. Also Adding lettering to plates for teams?


This would be sick, a simple helmet maker, but only the Team manager/ leader of the team or others with high enough permission could do, only people on that race team could use that helmet. Also making a team should cost something decently expensive, so there isn’t an abundance of teams and new ones being made all the time. But the helmet thing would be sick, you could choose, say from 10-500 styles, depending on how many where made, them you got to choose a primary color, and a secondary color for the helmet and maybe even a tiny bit of custom options for googles, and almost defiantly colors for goggles.

As I do in a lot of these posts, I thought of a sick idea too, on the sides of the goggles it would say your team name, for example mine would say BWR, or as we now are known as ICE.


Every team should have their own name, and then an abveration. Ex:

Beluga Whale Racing and their abv. name would be BWR, which is what would go on the sides of goggles.

Or say their was a team called Lucky Racing, theirs would/ could be LCKY, LCY, LKY.

The abv. version of the team name could have at max of 4 characters I would say, and it would appear next to your name automatically in game, and when viewing leaderboards it would say your teams full name next to your name. I’ll makr a picture of what I mean probably.


When you be bored as h*ll in school and are in the American education system.


Maybe a little something like this, and Bragstads name wouldn’t have THR in it on the left

And yeah I don’t like this much actually cause now that I see, it looks really cluttered, maybe just have the team names without the Abv. or just have the Abv. Idk
Just an idea


^^* For THR, we’d have to implement a random name generator or atleast have it cycle through all the currently know versions (Such as Team Horny Rhino’s)




I play with no sound but what would be pretty cool is a sound for taping your back brake in the air, and something else is that you should only be able to tap your back brake once in the air instead of how it is in msm2 where you can do it infinitely basically


I think we cover most races and creeds.


Tremendously Hiddious Rats


Ottima idea


I just want better in game friending and organization. I should be able to see who follows me and be able to message people. Custom friend groups instead of one so I can make a few with different groups of people.


More performance customization, disable backgrounds or lower quality textures, lower resolution just like most games have to tailor the looks and frame rate to what you prefer.


Scrub or whip button! Two strokes! More rider customization / factory teams.


Very good idea, if you have bmx2 beta, that is a feature in the beta and I really like it.


It would be awsome if whe could race online with Friends for some gold or coins and with these coins you can buy a gear or bike or stickerset…, if you win you win the coins but before the start a friend can ask you if you wanne race for example 3 coins , and max of 4 or 5 coins , the friend can then answer with yes or no and resend a request for 2 coins for example, that would be nice , i hope you guys can understand my shitty english …


Daily login rewards, must be in a row.

Whatever the currency is in the game, if their is one, have a friends list and you could request and send friends the currency once every 24 hours

customize front fork cover colors? :joy:


The tracks created by users will have some category?. I mean that if they are separated only by the time they were published or have some category such as: The most voted, more or less than a minute.:thinking::thinking::thinking:


battle royale