MadSkillsMX 3 Ideas


Add the taco emoji for bike plates. How awesome would that be :heart_eyes:


Haha I wonder where that idea came from :joy:


I too would have an idea x msmx3, you know the wheels of the motorcycles in msmx2, change color both tires and rims, it would be nice to be able to customize only the rims, or even the spokes of the rims (ITA): +1 :.

Great idea, I translated it tho haha I have always wanted that too


Profile pictures that don’t have to be linked to social media :ok_hand:


Totally an un-biased suggestion :joy::joy:


Oh for sure. :taco:


I think I’ve said this before, but it would be pretty sweet to be able to see who’s following you. Also, have some sort of messaging feature aside from the “taunts” in vs. mode.

Also free premium for WFO_Quaid… just saying


And longer taunts/ chats would be good also with emojis would be great.


Maybe even custom emojis that are made for us, something that maybe says MX or is a picture of a dirtbike something like that maybes idk tho might be a bad idea lol


Add bike graphics like mabeye a red bull graphics kit or gear? Tuning bikes would be great so we could choose between acceleration or top speed, which would make the racing more unique.


yeah and in-game messaging would be great.


I agree with the in game messaging. Ive been racing the same guy for 2 years + and think it would be cool to know who he is.


Sadly that will never happen because for your average joe they will not know what dampening or anything af that sort is.


What about jam having different tiers of rewards, if currencies are a thing in msm3. i would assume they would be.

1st place







1001-∞(basically play both tracks and you get some type of reward)

would be the tiers in my opinion.


Being able to color your number and background of your number plate(same colors as bike & gear colors)

Also have different colors get unlocked at different times. like you need to get to division one to use gold or something, idk.

have a big rainbow palate and you unlock sections at a time. would be so much better than the colors we have now


Okay, pretty cool idea I think. As we all know the track editor is coming so I have a, what I think is a good idea.

So basically, there would be a thing to where you could make a jump or small section for a track, and you could save it, and you could go to those jumps/small sections and add them into a track you are making. You could add and delete these. Or you could just select a section out of a track you are making and save it, instead of having a separate track section maker. But in my opinion having it separate would be better only because it would keep the tools on the track editor minimal and it would just be pretty cool just making a singular section.

Also what I just thought of too is a tool in the track editor where you could “lock” a section from being edited. Also an undo button would be very nice.

What I am, in my head thinking the track editor is going to be, me having zero knowledge on what it actually is, is 3 basic tools
1.) A freehand/drawing tool: draws exactly where your finger goes and you can draw anything you want besides like stuff that is straight up and down and stuff that isn’t rideable
2.) Smooth tool: a little thing/line sits on the track and you drag your finger wherever on the track to smooth certain sections out. The longer you hold on a spot is the more smooth it gets.
3.) ramp builder: place 3 dots/whatever shape you can think of lol maybe a dodecahedron if ya want :joy:: so basically you place a dot then another then another and the game would make a jump out of the 3 dots. I’ll probably do a drawing to explain this better.


Please place an hour counter in mad skills 3. Would be awesome to see and maybe a leader board for most hours played.


I think rim colors would be cool addition to the game and a better color grid for the game


When is this game going to be released? Been in the making 2 years if not more.


Who said its been in the making that long? :thinking: yeah its been in the making for a while but they released bmx2 in between :sweat_smile:

Anyways apparently we’re gonna start beta testing very soon, but the actual public release is most likely gonna be another year :grimacing: