MadSkillsMX 3 Ideas


lol sorry,
does any of that seem like a usable option?


thanks :joy:


Yea that makes sense


like a big ol’ front wheel speed and a jump at the end
now that im thinking of it, i wonder if the front wheel speed is going to be a thing. i really dont care


I love the tracks in cashgames that alter the gravity. It would be cool to have perhaps levels (like the backflips and rockets in bmx2), where you run in career or extra tracks with altered gravity, both weaker and stronger.


Please no, i absolutely hate the gravity stuff :grimacing: if this is gonna be a thing at least make them optional so you dont have to play them :sweat_smile:


Yeah, it could benoptional and have a special ranking for gravity effects, just like now with different bikes.


Lol :slight_smile: Thanks ^^* Much more readable


Different soils like sand or mud etc.


I think they are planning on doing that actually. They are going to put it in certain marts of the track which I do not think is a good idea because there will be more than likely barely to no interaction with them because the whole goal is going to turn into jumping over than similar to wall jumps. So what I was thinking was making an entire track that one dirt type or sand or clay or what ever there is going to be.


Options are never bad. Mud and the like are excellent for showing that players shouldn’t take a line.


And what about weather? Sunny, rainy, snowy, foggy tracks, showing different grip, visibility, etc.


Was thinking of some sort of speedo setup so you know in certain sections you can see where people are slowing or even so you know what speed you need to reach coming out of one section to clear say a massive triple or stepup in the upcoming section.


Now now, I can’t be revealing all the features that are planned. :troll:


True but in my opinion it defeats the purpose of going through it and there will be no interactions with it. But that makes sense also what you are saying.


Wow, so what your are saying is that that is more than likely coming!!!
Stay woke boys


Nothing is set in stone for msm3 so keep brainstorming ideas! :slight_smile:
But for that same reason we can’t make any promises either we do follow this thread though!

…and @THR_Platinawolf is just trolling…


Awesome to see that developers are watching this thread. Hope some of the ideas get out in though. Some of them seem pretty good haha.


Simple, how about make vs’s tracks exclusive to vs’s mode. The reason I say this is very dumb and no one does it, but it keeps players who have played the track a ton in, say career or jam, and they are racing someone who has never seen the track before. It makes it to where if you want to be good at vs’s mode you need to play vs’s, not career tracks that are in vs’s and gain a small advantage of tracktime on your opponent. Plus it generally, IMO just seems like a cool idea to have all vs’s tracks exclusive to vs’s mode.


Anch’io avrei un idea x msmx3, sapete le ruote delle moto in msmx2, cambiano colore sia le gomme sia i cerchioni, sarebbe bello poter personalizzare solo i cerchioni, oppure anche i raggi dei cerchioni (ITA) :+1:.