MadSkillsMX 3 Ideas

Is that what the beta for mx3 looks like

How about Endruocross courses with the same physics?

I’m just wondering

Is MSM3 going to be 3D like MSBMX2?

All the media we have released so far has been in 3d.

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Thank you!

Hi there! I din’t read all the coments, and don’t know if this has been said before. Sorry about that.

An online/live mode. You can play in several modes with people connected at the same time. You ask for a race and someone races you.

Thanks for this game, bytheway!

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Really cool thing would be actual team tournaments. I know there are a lot of teams made in Facebook groups and stuff, but real teams racing against each other

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That would be awesome. Like jam mode now but the final time would be from 10 or 50 of the best team racers.

What if they added 4-wheelers?? And a lot of bike skins and a lot new riders

There should be an in game setting to change your name once for free and then like 1 dolled to change it again

At the moment, this service is offered free of charge, though it requires you to ask us in the support through our support email : … Or just drop a request in the name change thread on the forum. Or talk to Birdshaw on Discord.

And i would like it to stay this way

It’s just that I’ve asked a lot of people to Change mine but no one has let me

There will be a name change. It just takes some time cause birdshaw isnt a robot. A name change will come you just need to wait some time.

Been waiting for 4 days

I once waited for like three weeks. It could be possible that birdshaw overlooked you but you have written about this in so many places that he has probably seen it

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K good just making sure because I really need that name change

I can see why…

New feature

Racing Teams
• custom racing team outfits, the leader and Co leader could edit with custom helmet and bike looks



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