MadSkillsMX 3 Ideas

This thread will be obviously about ideas for MadSkillsMX 3 as of why you clicked on this thread. Post and discuss what would be good ideas for the game. Do not post any ideas that might cross your mind to be stupid. Cause ya don’t wanna be that guy.

There would be a tournament style feature basically exactly like the world championship except it might have a losers bracket. There could be 3 different modes. easy,medium and, hard. The hard would give the most reward and the easy would obviously give the least reward for winning. The rounds would only be around 3-10 min I would say though because 30min rounds would be a long time for a normal play session.

flying bikes

Yes, just yes. :joy::joy::joy:

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Some kind of long jump comp. You have say a 20 sec track with obstacles, the line you take determines how much speed you have for the takeoff, have a airtime counter similar to msbmx2 fastest time and longest airtime/distance wins.? #BeerInspired :joy::joy:


I miss those “wings” in msmx1


that’s where the Red bull helmet is for


Haha NIce :stuck_out_tongue:


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How about a bike 12? Oh wait bike 12 is irrelevant in this world.


How about fully customizable bikes. which I am pretty sure is coming only ascetics though. As many of the devs have said, if there is a customization feature for suspension dampening gearing etc. everyone is just going to look up a video on the best one and everyone is going to be using the best one. In my opinion, there wouldn’t necessarily be a “best setup” for the bike. The goal would be to find the best setup for you not the best overall setup for a wide spread of players. Also, your average joe that doesn’t know anything about motorcycles or tuning dirtbikes, they aren’t going to know what dampening or gearing and other stuff are really. So the best fix for this I would say is making the bikes fully customizable astutely. Customization is a key factor in making a good game because no one wants to look the same as some other guy, everyone wants to be their own unique rider. Like different pipes, exhausts, number plate backgrounds, number colors and, pipe color(chrome, gold, silver). The exhaust could have carbon fiber gold etc. the frame color should be customizable which would be sick. You could swap out for a 2 stroke pipe and a 4 stroke pipe… but really though who is gonna be using a 4 stroke, let’s be real.:joy: They could maybe have different sounds that would be awesome. I personally don’t play with sound on unless I’m playing with the electric bike. Customizable graphics kits would be insane but I doubt that is going to be a feature. There needs to be a better color palate too that is in rainbow order too lol. The one in mx is just kinda… well its there haha. Also as I’m typing this what would be cool too is being able to have different engine color and have different color casings. that seems a little much though but hey it would only make it better. The more customization the better it’s gonna be. What could also be cool is if there would be spoke colors and rim colors too. also thought of this too, it would be awesome I think if there were different tire types of tires(wouldn’t affect gameplay/traction). They could have something written on the side of them, probably would say Turborilla. But that would look cool I think. There needs to be customizable color gear, unlike BMX. The BMX gear sets are cool and all but there arent any that you can change the color of and same with the bikes. Feel free to add anything to this, but this is all I can think of right now in the moment.


A nice feature could be to show time splits in multi lap tracks. And have some place (perhaps in The track description) with the lap record and who holds it. (In one lap teakcs will be the same as world record, but in multi laps could be different).


2nd this ^^, would love to see lap times as well as maybe having single maps split into a few sections so you can see how fast you do each section


Also, I had thought of this before, and I also saw it while watching the world championship. When you are loading up a track right below the name of the track it shows your fastest lap time. I am pretty sure they were on a test version of the update or whatever it is called.
Also as everyone saw, when the players tapped/pressed lean back/forwards, gas/braked it lit up.
Next, I think on the loading screen it should say at the top left/right.


obviously those are random times but it would be pretty cool to see i think.

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What about split lanes

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Team gear options


@ICE_moto 's wall of text Crits for 9999, knocking Bear off his feet.

Some paragraph’s would be nice?


Poor @THR_Platinawolf, here, I added some paragraphs for you! (one every “the”) :troll:


dont think that is possible, and with a game that is all about finding fast lines it would defeat the purpose of the other lane

i have thought of that but it would be hard for a team to agree upon a team gear set and it wouldnt match certain peoples bike and stuff so people would get annoyed by it i think