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Credit: @Koenig33

Hello Turborilla,

I had a concept that could take some time to implement and program as it requires making a whole new gamemode for BMX2, though it would strategically create a larger user base and concurrently create a tighter user base.

Seeing a peak of nearly one hundred seventy thousand people competing in the Jam in week 11 was very exciting. Although for a few more weeks, constantly we had a high amount of players competing, it slowly tumbled down to thirty-six thousand which is officially the least amount of players we have seen compete in a Jam.

The community Mad Skills BMX2 community does need something to help expand. I find a the tightest connection one can have to a game is when your friends are connected as well. This can come either with your bringing your friends into the game, or making new friends within a game. Word of mouth is the cheapest and an effective way to expand an audience.

A competitive edge will keep players addicted and not wanting to leave your game. We see this with many games, professional and casual. How often do we see a player try over and over again thousands of times just to get their times improved? That adrenaline rush and feeling of victory will have someone playing forever.

I feel the greatest move for BMX2 is finding a gamemode that hits all of these criteria and helps build upon this. An example to this which was discussed in the BWR BMX2 discord was a team competition.

With a team competition we would find people rushing to get their friends joining their team and competing against other teams. Imagine this, you and your best mates sitting in a room trying to improve your time in order to beat another team. We saw this help make a simple upgrade and sitting game into one of the largest games of all-time–Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans had very little new features.

For years games have been coming out with a slow upgrading feature–even Farmville had this! But Clash of Clans set itself apart by forming bonds, teams and communities. Many people, including myself got all the kids in our school together to fight in clan wars against other clans and spending money to improve my base to be the best fighter.

Having that established, here is are some simple ideas of how this can work:

Concept 1:

You place into a queue system and get matched up with another team. Your best five riders race against their best five riders. The team with the lowest time after three days wins. The winning team gets a reward (can be as simple as a victory count on their teampage), or maybe even something with giving the teams, their own leveling system.

Concept 2:

Team Jam week. Simple as it sounds, your best five or so riders race in another special Jam and your score gets calculated by your times combined. Lowest time wins.

Both of these would be very fun and bring out a team atmosphere encouraging players wither to make friends ingame, or mainly bring their friends into the game, expanding and strengthening the community.

I am sure you have thought about much of this in the past as you are incredible game makers. I just simply have a passion for games and have already gotten hooked competing in my 27th BMX2 Jam this week after happening to stumble across the game.

Thank you very much for your consideration,

Colin Koenig

Fellow gamer, programmer and competitor. :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting it :slight_smile: wouldn’t have known where to put it… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Holy hell thumbs up to this man for creating a concept like that :+1: double thumbs up to me for actually reading through the whole thing though :+1::+1: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

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Yea that is the best idea yet I think it would be perfect.

Good stuff @Koenig33!

I will say that we have a pretty extensive plan for adding teams in MSM3. A lot of the things you mentioned we will see in MSM3.

I think once it’s incorporated into MSM3 it will make it easier to merge over into BMX2.

Obviously, the community really wants teams. I really want teams! If we want BMX2 to stick around as long as MSM2 has then we should probably figure out a way to bring teams into the game.

Maybe even a Team Versus mode in BMX2 after we launch Versus. You pick 5 players on each team to race. They each get 2 minutes to get their best time. Combined lowest team time wins.

Great ideas! Keep them coming. The communities ideas really help us decide the future of our games.


So Wonderful, its a good news. :bicicleta: