MadSkills BMX2 Individual and Team League

Hello all,

I have been working on setting up a League to give BMX2 some competitive play. I find it would be very fun to have another competitive edge aside from Jam.

The competition goes by setting up a league system and playing 1v1 races (which makes it easier for time-zones) and and getting scores based on whether you win or lose. You play against every person in your division one time in order to ensure fairness and same competition.

The best players in the league move up, while the worse move down in order to make it friendly and to ensure anyone at any skill level is able to participate.

The teams would work the exact same, besides you must compete 3v3. So grab two friends and sign up! PS. You do not need to be part of a team like: THR, BWR or Veles to compete. You can grab 2 random players, choose a name and race :slight_smile:

A team can also be created within another team ( ie. BWR, BWR2, THR, THR2, etc ).

If you have any questions, check the information link below, ask below, or contact me on discord: BWR_Colin#3169

League Standings and More information:

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