Madsill motocross 2 Tricks?

do you all have any hack for msm2? i mean like a enlarge the helmet and multiple watch replays.

Not the direction I thought this post would go when I read the title.

But the big heads is achieved by leaving the game on the start screen without touching anything for about two minutes. Some hands will appear in bottom and while they are there you enter settings, turn sound off and on, and flip the controls back and forth. That should do it.

For multiple replays you hold two fingers on the screen and select replays with a third. Then let go with the two fingers and select the last replay. And that should do that.

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@THR_aseng71 I’ve changed the name of your thread to something a little less, Inflamatory. And there’s plenty of tricks, such as scrubbing and the like. Any actual hacks will get you banned for a long long time (Some of them are for 9999 weeks (Unless the other support person catches you, then it’s just 999 weeks)).

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