Mad skills motorcross 2

Change gaming name. !!! To THR_goat235 old gaming name was Ari6776

you have to be top 25 in jam 3 weeks in a row to join, and @WFO_Krokus74 has to accept you.

Yup ari

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Thanks bro

:sweat_smile:also to join THR you have to beat braap in 15 seconds I think

And after you do that you either go to the official name change request or the official THR sign up thread :+1:

No it’s Braap in 2 minutes :joy:

Ok illl do that

Yeah ari what sonicspeed said😅

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@THR_Birdshaw @WFO_Krokus74


Can you add the Steve o pumpkin helmet to mines please @WFO_Krokus74

You needed to win a race the October 31 2019

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I need the bike look and the rider @THR_Birdshaw

Krokus can’t do anything about that. He’s just a player and the WFO team leader.

You can’t get it no more ari

@THR_Birdshaw i need the hydrogen Gear u don’t have it in my shop?

This one??