Mad Skills Motocross 3 Beta-Team Signup

Saweet inimage

I’m in :metal:

Any information on when the next opening will be to sing up for beta testing?

Mad Skills MX 2 is the only game I play. I would love to test out the next one


Not sure if you’re still accepting beta testers but I just filled out the form and would love the opportunity to beta test this awesome game Mad skills Motocross 3. Thank you.

I’d like to join the beta team my dad is rcboxer and makes tracks for msm2

This shits exciting, hope i get accepted. Cheers everyone

So i know that it has been closed but I saw that brody guy got in and i thought i would try it. Or did he just get in beacuse of his dad? Anyway thats all i have to say and it would be very cool if i got in even if i am a year late.

If any of you have not been added to the beta please follow these directions and I’ll add you:

  1. Send me a private message either on here or on our Discord Turborilla
  2. In your message include the following:
    -Android or iOS or both
    -Your email address
    -Your forum username (if messaging me on Discord) or your Discord username (if messaging me on here and you want to be added to the private beta group on Discord)
  3. Once I add you you’ll get an email invite to test the game
  4. Test test test and give feedback. Without feedback testing is pointless. We need good feedback!
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I think msmx 3 is gonna be sick. Love msmx 2 and with msmx 3 getting out i think that’s gonna be the best mobile racing game ever. I dunno if it’s still open but i hope i can get in to experience the game while still in development. (I did fill out the form)

I missed the dead line is there anyway you could still check out my thing

I would like to be a beta tester. My gamer tag is KTF_cjkg53

Hi my i would like to sign up if i can still but if i can than my in game name is TM_ace_04

Can you add me to the Feedback thread so i can give some feedback please.

WHERE IS THE LINK??? Where is it???

@THR_Birdshaw I’m late on trying to sign up but if you have an open space
(which you probably do not) but I would be able to put in at least 3 or more hours a week in testing the game if there is a possibility I can get in just tag me. Thank you!

@Cameron up on the top of the topic.

@JoeW723 IOS

@THR_Birdshaw id like to get in on the beta for MSM3. Game tag Vejar_333 but just recently asked to switch to GG_VEJAR…