Mad Skills Motocross 3 Beta-Team Signup

Interested in joining our beta testing team as we begin testing Mad Skills Motocross 3? If so, please fill out the following form carefully. While we can’t choose everybody, unfortunately, those of you who are chosen will receive invites via email by Wednesday, October 31.

If you are already on our beta team, you do not need to fill out this form.


Hello, I would really like to sighn up to be one of the beta-testers of Madskills 3. My ingame name is LP_Bennyzzle. Kind regards.

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Meine ist raus, hoffe das es diesmal klappt.
Würde mich sehr freuen, Beta Tester zu sein.

Actually youre supposed to sign up through the link in the post…just replying like this wont work :sweat_smile:

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I would like to be a beta tester.
Post is out after Turborilla >>> :ticket:

Good luck everyone :smiley:

@bryan, I missed the timeframe to continue beta testing MX and BMX 2 so I was dropped. Do I need to fill out the new form?

Ill make sure you get back in there.

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My man :kissing_heart:

I can’t 100% promise that I won’t be needing a handie if we ever meet again.


I think I missed the last time frame to continue beta testing. Can someone check to see if I am still in? And can I get back in if I am not?
Thanks @THR_Birdshaw @JoeW723

I’m not sure if I could get a handle on that situation…

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Oh I am excited to start testing!!

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If you’re still in the system you should have received an email today from Bryan through your hockeyapp account. If you didn’t receive the email go ahead and sign up again.

Okay thanks :+1:

Oh yeah I am so ready to take that test!!

Good luck all. :blush:


Awesome. Cant wait. :metal:

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Who made the race
and became a happy Beta Tester.
BT_:jack_o_lantern: BT_:jack_o_lantern: BT_:jack_o_lantern: BT_:jack_o_lantern:

I’m in, gang. Username is same as forum name: THR_chykason_NG.

I’ve filled the form. Anticipating. . .MSMX3, let’s go there.

Cc: @bryan