Mad Skills Motocross 2

Hi Guys… Over the last two days I can’t get Mad Slills Motocross 2 to work. I click the app and it comes on for a couple of seconds and then goes back to my iPad home screen. It’s been fine since I downloaded it a few weeks back? Gutted was just about to unlock bike 7! I’m using an iPad 2 if that helps?
Cheers Fred…

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First 2 things you can try are deleting and reinstalling the game, and turning ipad on and off and see if either of those work.

Thanks for suggestions. I gave them ago but it’s made no difference unfortunately. Blooming thing!

Sussed it! Yesterday’s update looks like it’s knackered it.

Are you using a toaster? Or an iPhone/iPad that hasn’t gotten iOS 10?

If so, we are working on the issue. We might be able to get it to run on your old device but it would require a new version.

Yeah it is a bit of a toaster! The old iPad 2 iOS 9
Well thanks for your reply anyway what will be will be.

Hi,I am having the same problem,game keeps crashing after updated
I have an old IPad
Please this is the only game I play ,I can’t afford a new iPad so would be heart broken if I can’t get to play beloved Mad skills MX 2
Please find a way
Thanks Frank

Fix is in the work. No ETA

Hi,any word on when the update will be available
Thanks Frank

When Apple says that we are allowed to release it.

I ve just found a bug, when i, press on increase xp the game crash.
I don t know if is a problem of my phone (Huawei P9 lite) or a bug in the game