Mad Skills Motocross 2 Streaming on Twitch


Beta tester and Mad Skills Motocross 2 hero OnTheFrontLine is doing a killer live stream over on Twitch. If you see this while he’s still streaming, be sure to check it out:

Give him a follow! Maybe we can talk him into doing this every week. :slightly_smiling:


Wow, thats cool indeed! :smiley:
I give two thumbs up to weekly shows!


I think i am seriously going to do it every week :slightly_smiling: I had a blast!


I really enjoyed it. You’re pretty good at multitasking :grinning:


Thanks man I’ve been unsuccessfully streaming for a couple years so ive gotten used to talking while playing because my streams are lonely haha


It’s going to take some time and consistency, but I think we’ll be able to remedy that.


U streaming tonight?


Yeah I am for sure probably at 2pm central time. I’ll only be able to do about an hour today though which should be ample time for me to get pissed at repeated mistakes hahaha


Looking forward to it. Lets hope for some more viewers so you can get famous like Joe Rogan :slightly_smiling:

See ya there


Can you commit to that, @OnTheFrontLine? I’m going to have my kid at the orthodontist at that time, but if you’re sure you’ll be streaming then, I’ll schedule some social posts about it.


Yeah i am for sure streaming today. it may be 5-10 minutes after 2pm central but i will be on very close to then.


Not sure i will ever get Joe Rogan famous! Ill probably end up Joe Blow famous


Well, there is a way that we could take this to another level, and that’s announce it within the game as you’re streaming, with a link to watch. Maybe we should give that a shot next week.


That would be awesome! It’s usually just Kip and I making lewd comments at eachother in there. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the stream, but it would be fun with a lot of players watching.


We’ll give it a shot.


I would definitely be interesting to see how many people something like that would bring. We always have a great time just with the few of us in there but it would be really cool to have a crowd


New month, new data plan, cya tonight :slight_smile:


For sure :slight_smile: I REALLY want to hit a better time. I am currently 79th overall. I will see ya in a few hours!


Great stream. Even if it was just the two Of us crit chatting half the time :slight_smile:
I had fun.


dude for sure! I just reconfigured a few network things here and i am connecting through a router in the same room as my computer so hopefully i wont get that hiccup again haha